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Hurry Up Summer!

In a couple of weeks it is crazy to think that we will be heading to our first pig show of the year. Going to a pig show is a little more laid back than a cattle show. We don’t have to get up as early and we don’t need as much equipment as we do with our cattle.

The weather is finally getting warmer and summer is coming soon. This also means school is coming to a close. I am ready to be home for the summer with family, friends, and my livestock.

Our spring cattle shows are officially over.  April was a busy month, with a cattle show on every weekend. We traveled all over and had many long days. I was very fortunate to have such a successful preview season and I am excited to see what’s to come this summer!


Bigger, Brighter Future

Life is unexpected and thrilling at times. Events happen in our lives for a reason and these are the moments that make us stronger people.  Just as life, showing livestock is unpredictable and thrilling. We not only do it because we love it, but because it teaches us responsibility, the knowledge of determination, and gives us courage.  A 1,000 pound beef animal can teach us more life lessons than our parents can at times.

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Sometimes it is easier to give up, and we all think about it at times when we’re out in the barn ‘til midnight feeding and walking pigs and have to get up at 6 again to take care of things before it gets hot again in the summer. But, we do this because we care for our livestock and whether our end result be the state fair or the county fair; we’re showman and it’s our responsibility to present our animals to the best of their abilities.

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I truly am blessed and fortunate to get to do the things I love with the people I love. Without the determination and competitive edge that I have been born with and taught by my parents and my peers, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have had of being successful in and out of the ring. Throughout my live so far, I have learned that God only challenges us because he knows we can handle it. Showing livestock has made me the person I am today. I have made many networking connections for the future and there is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to be involved in this industry throughout my life.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.”


Getting Prepared

Last time I was with you, I was talking about how much snow was on the ground and it felt like it was never going to leave. Well this week is almost the opposite. Everything is a muddy mess! No cattle shows this week, so that means just taking care of cows. However we have a BIG annual event this weekend!


This time last year was also a busy, busy week with the bull sale and a cattle show all in the same weekend. So not only do we have to get bulls ready, but also get show cattle prepared. Last year, I wasn’t home the week before all of this and I had my spring break the following week so I spent that week getting rested up from the bull sale and the show.

This year is a little different because I have spring break the week before all of this! So I get to help prepare the bulls for the sale and show cattle as well. We are becoming a well oiled machine for this weekend every year. Next year, if the show doesn’t fall on the same weekend again, we won’t know what to do with ourselves!

Twice Makes a Tradition

This past weekend we survived our road trip to and from Cuba, Missouri. We have decided to make this one a tradition. Last year on the last weekend in April, we traveled to Owensville, Missouri for the same show. That year we woke up at 3:30 in the morning and decided to drive to the show. This year, we would like to say we gained a year of knowledge and decided to leave Friday evening. This drive was a lot better than it would have been at 4 o’clock in the morning for all of us.

Who would have thought that every hotel in Cuba, Missouri was booked on this weekend? They were hosting a “Spyderfest” with motorcycles and much more I’m certain.  We got a hotel in St. James, which was about 15 minutes from the show and everything worked out just fine.

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to show cattle! After everything was washed and fed we had some downtime before we had to start getting our cattle ready and fit up. We had two shows this day with two separate rings and two judges. As soon as you had shown in one ring you just went straight to the other.

We had a pretty solid day with Champion Chi in both rings and 3rd overall heifer in both rings. Champion Hereford in both rings and 4th Overall heifer in one ring. Reserve champion crossbred heifer in both rings, champion shorthorn plus steer in both rings with 3rd overall in one ring and 5th overall in the other ring.

Most of you who read this on a weekly basis are the ones who help me to the show ring every time and/or also to where I am today. You help me in every aspect of my life whether it be doing things at home when I can’t be there, school, or just being there for me to talk too.  Whenever I am in need of something, you never hesitate to lend a helping hand and I will never take those things for granted. I thank each and every one of you who make everything possible for me to accomplish anything I set my mind too.