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Hurry Up Summer!

In a couple of weeks it is crazy to think that we will be heading to our first pig show of the year. Going to a pig show is a little more laid back than a cattle show. We don’t have to get up as early and we don’t need as much equipment as we do with our cattle.

The weather is finally getting warmer and summer is coming soon. This also means school is coming to a close. I am ready to be home for the summer with family, friends, and my livestock.

Our spring cattle shows are officially over.  April was a busy month, with a cattle show on every weekend. We traveled all over and had many long days. I was very fortunate to have such a successful preview season and I am excited to see what’s to come this summer!


Spring is Here!

Spring is here! However, the weather is not getting any warmer at the moment. There was a chance of snow today back home which is not “spring-like” at all! Hopefully it will turn around soon because I am ready!

However, my brain is most certainly getting ready for spring. This weekend we went to pick out some of our new show pigs. These pigs are about 50 pounds right now and when we get done with them around the middle of August, they will weigh between 270 and 295. This is if everything goes right during the hot summer months. This includes no illness, keeping them cool and eating well.

Another thing that gets me ready for spring is school almost being out! I was informed today that we only have 6 weeks left. This means 5 weeks of school work and one week of the stressful studying of finals week!


Catching Up and New Beginnings

Welcome back! Last time, I was getting ready for summer and talking about my daily routine. The summer show season came and went and new cattle have replaced the old. (only in the barn, most definitely not anywhere else) Our show gilts have pigged and our show heifers have had babies as well.



This summer was a very successful one from the county fair to the Missouri State Fair. The Murphy/ Loges show crew took home many awards, recognitions and memories from this summer. Like almost the whole country, Missouri was dry and hot, but we did our best to keep ourselves and our livestock as cool as can be.

This fall was eventful with going back to school, exhibiting at the American Royal, and cattle sales. We have added 5 new treasurers to the show crew with 2 steers and 3 heifers. So far, we have been to one outing, MU AGR, and had a blast making memories.



Sweet Summer Time

School at Missouri State University is almost over, and I am ecstatic. This past week, it has been in the 90’s and summer is quickly approaching. The first thing that comes to my mind when I know the weather is going to be hot that day is my livestock. This gets me thinking about summer and how ready I am for it to arrive.

For my family, summer brings long, hot, busy days. One day during our summer consist of waking up early before it gets too hot and rinsing our cattle and putting them under fans for the day. Then, we start to feed everything and make sure they have water, clean up pens, etc. After my chores are done in the morning at my house, I head over to Murphy Cattle Company, rinse cattle and do whatever tasks that need to be done that day.

While I am gone during the day, my sister takes care of the cattle that we have at home and the show pigs. She makes sure everything stays cool and comfortable, has water, and stays clean for the most part. When I get home, my sister and I usually feed first, depending on how hot it is at the time. After that is complete, we walk our pigs when the sun starts to go down and it starts to cool off, and give them a bath. The daily skin care of our pigs consists of cocoanut conditioner about 2 times a day because it doesn’t have a lot of oils in it which allows our pigs to stay cool.

Once our pigs are walked, bathed, and conditioned, it is cool enough to turn our cattle outside for the night. We walk one time through the barn to make sure everything has water and we then head inside and go to bed ourselves. We wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Having show livestock requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it! It can be exhausting at times, but we just have to keep in mind what we want to accomplish and what we’re doing all of this for. My sister and I have our own way of telling ourselves this.  That is a countdown to the Missouri State Fair on a dry erase board in our tack room. This keeps us motivated to always try our best to get our livestock presented to the best of their ability when it comes show time!

Results of past summers…

Spring Fever

Spring is approaching in a quick form this year! The weather has been great for the last month and the flowers are starting to bloom. We have already had to mow our grass multiple times. Nothing looks better than a freshly mowed yard.

My mom has a very green thumb and she loves to plant flowers and garden. She has a small garden in her yard in town where she plants cucumbers, tomatoes (which I absolutely hate), peppers, and many other vegetables. My mom always has flower beds around her house filled with blooming flowers. She has hanging baskets and all sorts of ornamental flowers to make her place look extra Springy!

My dad’s house on the other hand, doesn’t have flower beds, a garden, or ornamental flowers everywhere. However, he does like to keep the place looking nice. Some (or most) may say he is not the sensitive kind of guy… or you know the “flowery” type, but he does buy hanging baskets every year and hangs them on the front porch.

My sister and I show a little different way of having “spring fever”. This is most definitely stressed by dreading to go to school. It is so nice outside and we have to sit in a classroom. Luckily, she can go to softball and after that take care of pigs and enjoy them. However, me being three hours away, I can’t exactly do that. The extent of me being outside is walking to class. I am so lost without the country and the freedom of my backyard! Only three more weeks of school and I am home for summer!

Spring brings many feelings to my family and also many “new members to the family”. The thrill and excitement is almost here. Everyone is in Spring fever!

The Things That Excite Us

Some people get excited when they get a new outfit, go on vacation, or buy a new pair of heels.  While others, like myself, get excited when we get new show supplies for Christmas, when we have a new calf, or buy a new pair of boots.

There is no doubt about it that everyone has their own opinion on what they think excites them. However, there is definitely a large gap of what gets agriculturalist blood flowing and what gets the outfit buying, “heel lookers”, and vacationers going.

Someone’s ideal vacation may be going to Walt Disney World, going on a Jamaican cruise, or going skiing in Colorado. Sure we think about those things and that would be nice, but the extents of our vacations are things like the Missouri State Fair and livestock shows. We’re not complaining because those are things we love to do and be involved in. Spending the weekend with friends and family at a livestock show has brought many great memories to me.

Now when we set aside money to go “shopping”, we’re not talking about for clothes. We usually go shopping for show supplies; we buy hair dye for our cattle, loofa’s for our pigs, and most definitely cocoanut conditioner for the best skin care you can get on your show pigs.

Some may say we’re sheltered, underprivileged, or just plain odd. On the other hand, showing livestock has taken me to many great places and I have been able to see things I wouldn’t normally observe.  I’m happy with vacationing to livestock shows and browsing through Walmart just to see if I can find something that I can make useful on my livestock. The opportunities that I have been given through this industry are incredible and I enjoy every minute of being excited by the slightest things.

The Beginning

My Two Way Trail…

Definition: My passion for Agriculture divided between two different homes.

What do I mean when I say “two different” homes? This is how I have been raised since my freshman year in high school. My mom lives in town and my dad still lives on the 20 acres I was raised on.  When I am “living” in town I am still the same ol’ country girl I have always been. However, I don’t have the option to go to my backyard and rinse my heifer or feed my pigs vanilla wafers. My hobbies or “pocket drainers” as my dad may say, allow me to spend the majority of my time on the farm and with my dad. My mom is still very supportive of my livestock habits, but she isn’t as engaged. Agriculture is bred into me and always will be.

I am employed by Murphy Cattle Company. I help with just about anything on the farm from helping with elementary homework to pulling calves in 10* weather. I consider this more than just a “job”. It has been a family relationship since the beginning. I have been much more engaged in the cattle industry due to this “job”. We also attend many cattle and pig shows together throughout the year. I have found yet another passionate aspect to this industry we call Agriculture.

Later on in my blog, I plan on sharing more with you about my so called double life, mentioning some helpful advice, and I may even throw in juggling school, work, and family. So jump on the bandwaggon of blogging with me and see what life has to bring us!