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Winter Time

Winter is wrapping up pretty soon and central Missouri is covered in some heavy snow. Last week, we got hit with 14 inches of snow. I only got to experience a weekend of snow due to being in South Missouri for most of my week.

Winter means cold weather, new babies and a lot of time in the heated wash rack!  Winter is one of my favorite seasons to enjoy. School is in full swing during this time, however, I venture home a lot to work on my projects and spend time with my family and friends. The first snow gets us excited to go sledding and have snowball fights, but when the second or third one comes around it’s just snow…

snow 1

The snow may be difficult at the time, but the ground needs the moisture after the summer that we have had. This provides green grass in early spring and happy cows!


Catching Up and New Beginnings

Welcome back! Last time, I was getting ready for summer and talking about my daily routine. The summer show season came and went and new cattle have replaced the old. (only in the barn, most definitely not anywhere else) Our show gilts have pigged and our show heifers have had babies as well.



This summer was a very successful one from the county fair to the Missouri State Fair. The Murphy/ Loges show crew took home many awards, recognitions and memories from this summer. Like almost the whole country, Missouri was dry and hot, but we did our best to keep ourselves and our livestock as cool as can be.

This fall was eventful with going back to school, exhibiting at the American Royal, and cattle sales. We have added 5 new treasurers to the show crew with 2 steers and 3 heifers. So far, we have been to one outing, MU AGR, and had a blast making memories.