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Sweet Summer Time

School at Missouri State University is almost over, and I am ecstatic. This past week, it has been in the 90’s and summer is quickly approaching. The first thing that comes to my mind when I know the weather is going to be hot that day is my livestock. This gets me thinking about summer and how ready I am for it to arrive.

For my family, summer brings long, hot, busy days. One day during our summer consist of waking up early before it gets too hot and rinsing our cattle and putting them under fans for the day. Then, we start to feed everything and make sure they have water, clean up pens, etc. After my chores are done in the morning at my house, I head over to Murphy Cattle Company, rinse cattle and do whatever tasks that need to be done that day.

While I am gone during the day, my sister takes care of the cattle that we have at home and the show pigs. She makes sure everything stays cool and comfortable, has water, and stays clean for the most part. When I get home, my sister and I usually feed first, depending on how hot it is at the time. After that is complete, we walk our pigs when the sun starts to go down and it starts to cool off, and give them a bath. The daily skin care of our pigs consists of cocoanut conditioner about 2 times a day because it doesn’t have a lot of oils in it which allows our pigs to stay cool.

Once our pigs are walked, bathed, and conditioned, it is cool enough to turn our cattle outside for the night. We walk one time through the barn to make sure everything has water and we then head inside and go to bed ourselves. We wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Having show livestock requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it! It can be exhausting at times, but we just have to keep in mind what we want to accomplish and what we’re doing all of this for. My sister and I have our own way of telling ourselves this.  That is a countdown to the Missouri State Fair on a dry erase board in our tack room. This keeps us motivated to always try our best to get our livestock presented to the best of their ability when it comes show time!

Results of past summers…


Twice Makes a Tradition

This past weekend we survived our road trip to and from Cuba, Missouri. We have decided to make this one a tradition. Last year on the last weekend in April, we traveled to Owensville, Missouri for the same show. That year we woke up at 3:30 in the morning and decided to drive to the show. This year, we would like to say we gained a year of knowledge and decided to leave Friday evening. This drive was a lot better than it would have been at 4 o’clock in the morning for all of us.

Who would have thought that every hotel in Cuba, Missouri was booked on this weekend? They were hosting a “Spyderfest” with motorcycles and much more I’m certain.  We got a hotel in St. James, which was about 15 minutes from the show and everything worked out just fine.

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to show cattle! After everything was washed and fed we had some downtime before we had to start getting our cattle ready and fit up. We had two shows this day with two separate rings and two judges. As soon as you had shown in one ring you just went straight to the other.

We had a pretty solid day with Champion Chi in both rings and 3rd overall heifer in both rings. Champion Hereford in both rings and 4th Overall heifer in one ring. Reserve champion crossbred heifer in both rings, champion shorthorn plus steer in both rings with 3rd overall in one ring and 5th overall in the other ring.

Most of you who read this on a weekly basis are the ones who help me to the show ring every time and/or also to where I am today. You help me in every aspect of my life whether it be doing things at home when I can’t be there, school, or just being there for me to talk too.  Whenever I am in need of something, you never hesitate to lend a helping hand and I will never take those things for granted. I thank each and every one of you who make everything possible for me to accomplish anything I set my mind too.