Spring Fever

Spring is approaching in a quick form this year! The weather has been great for the last month and the flowers are starting to bloom. We have already had to mow our grass multiple times. Nothing looks better than a freshly mowed yard.

My mom has a very green thumb and she loves to plant flowers and garden. She has a small garden in her yard in town where she plants cucumbers, tomatoes (which I absolutely hate), peppers, and many other vegetables. My mom always has flower beds around her house filled with blooming flowers. She has hanging baskets and all sorts of ornamental flowers to make her place look extra Springy!

My dad’s house on the other hand, doesn’t have flower beds, a garden, or ornamental flowers everywhere. However, he does like to keep the place looking nice. Some (or most) may say he is not the sensitive kind of guy… or you know the “flowery” type, but he does buy hanging baskets every year and hangs them on the front porch.

My sister and I show a little different way of having “spring fever”. This is most definitely stressed by dreading to go to school. It is so nice outside and we have to sit in a classroom. Luckily, she can go to softball and after that take care of pigs and enjoy them. However, me being three hours away, I can’t exactly do that. The extent of me being outside is walking to class. I am so lost without the country and the freedom of my backyard! Only three more weeks of school and I am home for summer!

Spring brings many feelings to my family and also many “new members to the family”. The thrill and excitement is almost here. Everyone is in Spring fever!

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