New Members of the Family

For the past couple months we have been caught up with our cattle. As spring sneaks upon us, it starts to become warmer and we start thinking about pigs. Every year at the same time, my sister and I get this feeling. This feeling may be of exhaustion or wanting something new to do. We haven’t messed with show pigs for seven months, and for us that seems like a long time. It’s not that we are tired of showing cattle but we really want something new and exciting to do.

A couples days this past weekend, we spent our time getting ready for our show pigs to enter the barn. On Sunday after our Easter dinner, I had to head back to school. Knowing that my pigs were coming Monday night, I really wanted to stay just to get another peek at them. In other words, Monday night rolled around and our pigs had arrived at the Loges show barn. I stressed to my sister that she must send me pictures. I got picture after picture and now I have to wait until Friday to see them.

For the time being, while it is still chilly at night, we put up plywood around our pigs to keep them warm. As spring moves forward, and it becomes summer, our jobs will be to try and keep our pigs cool during the summer.

Not only am I going home this weekend to see my new pigs, but we have another cattle show on Sunday in Boonville, Mo. This is our first weekend of a preview of what our summer will consist of with showing cattle and having pigs at home or vice versa.

My favorite part of getting new pigs are taming them down, getting them spoiled, and exercising. A couple of things that we do to get our pigs use to us in the beginning is we give them vanilla wafers or marshmallows. They also like to be rubbed on the belly and behind their ears. Once we get them spoiled enough, we then start walking them in the yard. Some people pick up their dog’s poop in their front yard, while at my house; we pick up pig poop…

From now on until September, cattle and pig season overlap. One week we may be on cattle duty getting ready for a show and the next week it may be pigs!

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