Our busy, stressful, and exhausting weekend is over. On Friday, we had a show crew and a bull crew. One gang took the show calves to Columbia and got everything set up and settled in to prepare for Saturday. The other gang went to the sale barn and got bulls ready all day. I was on the bull crew. We got there mid morning and started feeding, cleaning pens, and then we started cleaning up the bulls to sell. It seemed like all of them had about two pounds of sand on their backs. Before we knew it, it was 6 o’clock and it was sale time! This was not only a sale, but proof that hard work, commitment, and perseverance can pay off towards many involved.

Soon after the sale was over we went straight to Columbia because our weekend had just started. We didn’t get much sleep that night. When I woke up, my hair was still damp from my shower about 4 hours ago. We had shown cattle all day Saturday and we were proud of what we had accomplished by the time we left Boone County Fairgrounds. Our show crew had the Champion Hereford heifer, Champion Chianina, also 5th overall heifer, and a class winner.

Sunday was steer day and that was much more relaxing, considering we only had two. The Shorthorn plus was 2nd in his class and his showman won Champion Jr. Showmanship! The other steer was Champion Maine Tainer and 4th overall steer. By Sunday evening, the Murphy/Loges show crew was tuckered out. We had a long successful weekend, and I know I wouldn’t have changed any of it for anything!

This is my spring break and I am home for a good, solid six days! For the past couple days I’ve been able to feed cows, do some odd ended tasks, and not have to go to class. While at college, sometimes my brain feels like it may just fry up due to homework, not having my family and friends from home, and just missing the plain old farm life.  I am enjoying my time being at home for a while with my friends and family because before you know it I will be south of 50 highway.

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