The Things That Excite Us

Some people get excited when they get a new outfit, go on vacation, or buy a new pair of heels.  While others, like myself, get excited when we get new show supplies for Christmas, when we have a new calf, or buy a new pair of boots.

There is no doubt about it that everyone has their own opinion on what they think excites them. However, there is definitely a large gap of what gets agriculturalist blood flowing and what gets the outfit buying, “heel lookers”, and vacationers going.

Someone’s ideal vacation may be going to Walt Disney World, going on a Jamaican cruise, or going skiing in Colorado. Sure we think about those things and that would be nice, but the extents of our vacations are things like the Missouri State Fair and livestock shows. We’re not complaining because those are things we love to do and be involved in. Spending the weekend with friends and family at a livestock show has brought many great memories to me.

Now when we set aside money to go “shopping”, we’re not talking about for clothes. We usually go shopping for show supplies; we buy hair dye for our cattle, loofa’s for our pigs, and most definitely cocoanut conditioner for the best skin care you can get on your show pigs.

Some may say we’re sheltered, underprivileged, or just plain odd. On the other hand, showing livestock has taken me to many great places and I have been able to see things I wouldn’t normally observe.  I’m happy with vacationing to livestock shows and browsing through Walmart just to see if I can find something that I can make useful on my livestock. The opportunities that I have been given through this industry are incredible and I enjoy every minute of being excited by the slightest things.

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